Behind the design part 2 - "I wish for this"

Welcome to part 2 of the series I called "behind the design".

This part is going to be about our "I wish for this"/Castiel design and it's going to be a bit personal.

If you are a fan of supernatural you are familiar with Castiel, if not: he's an angel.

But what's more importan than Castiel is the actor who plays Castiel: Misha Collins. If you never heard of him or aren't that aware about him I highly recommend you look him up and read about all the great things he does with his money and fame. 

After I started watching Supernatural sometime last year I became a little fangirl about the cast and especially Misha. I'm just so fascinated about his kindness and humor. 

Some of you might know that I've been diagnosed with a so-called borderline tumor on my ovary which is a tumor that's basically in transition from benign to malignant. After surgery there was a time where we weren't sure if the cancer had spread, if it got cut out comepletely and if I need to get another surgery. In that time my obsession with Supernatural and the cast grew even bigger. And it was in that time when I first heard Mishas story about his daughter and the dandelion (it starts at min 31 but feel free to watch the whole panel):

So I heard this story, watched him tell it and I actually teared up. Because it was so relevant. So related to the thoughts that were running through my head all day. This life is all we have and it can be over in a heartbeat. You never know. We wait and wait and wait for the weekend, the holidays or some other event in the future and when it's finally there we're bussy filming, taking pictures or anything else and we forget to enjoy and live in the moment. This story touched me so deeply that I actually think about getting a dandelion as a tattoo to remind me of the thing this story and my diagnosis taught me. 

At the same time I'd love to support Misha in his work. He has a ton of awesome charities he's supporting and is even owning a charity organization called "Random Acts". There have been a lot of fund raising campaigns by Misha, Jared and Jensen but unfortunately I've never had the money to support those campaigns even though I'd have loved to get one of the awesome shirts. 

But that's where my idea came from. Why not design a shirt and use a part of the money to support "Random Acts"? So that's what we did. 

My sister did an awesome job drawing Castiel and I'm more than happy with how it turned out. 

The shirt will be available at our shop and the spreadshirt market place from August 1st and we're going to donate 2€ from each sold shirt to "Random Acts"!

I hope you love this shirt as much as we do and ask you to share this on social media to bring awareness and to raise as much money as possible.. Of course I'll let you know how much we donated in the end.


PS: my secret goal is to get Misha to take not of this so every help (sharing or purchasing) is highly appreciated.

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