Festival Design

I plan on introducing all our upcoming designs on here to give you a little insight on how we got the idea and how long it took to work on the specific design. I'm not sure if I can come up with a fun and catchy name for this series but this is the first part of it.

As you see this is the first design that's not yoga related. So how did we came up with it?

You probably know that our shop is run by spreadshirt. Because of that we get e-mails from spreadshirt with news, discounts and all that stuff, and we got one a few weeks ago, informing us about a competition where we could win €500. All we needed to do was design a festival related design, upload it to the spreadshirt market place and hope to get chosen as one of the best by a jury. Then there's going to be a voting where everyone has the change to give their most liked design their vote.

And that's where we need you. IF we make it into the top 10 I'll post the link on here and on Instagram and Facebook and I hope to get as many votes as possible so that I can use these €500 to get this business growing and to arrange some nice giveaways for you guys as well.

So the whole story about how we came up with it was not that exciting. I read the mail, forwarded it to my sister and already had an idea. It was obvious that we would use our beloved sloth in it and what would be more festival than a tent and a guitar?

I explained, my sister designed and about 2 weeks later, here it is.

I hope you like it and will help us with your vote or even buy it.

It's not available in our own shop (yet) but you can click here to get it ❤️


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