Why and how I started yoga

Why yoga? I get this question a lot. Mostly from people I know in real life. 

Why yoga? That's actually a good question. Especially for someone like me with no background of gymnastics, ballets, dancing or anything of that kind. The only sports I did was soccer for 8 years of my life and to be honest, that's pretty far away from a graceful yoga practice.

So why yoga and why as ambicious as I practice it? In my case it was the result of trying to cheat on myself. 

After I quit soccer I gained a lot of weight and was looking for a way to get rid of it again. I lost a good 8 kilos by changing my eating habits but wanted to get a bit stronger and leaner. The only problem with it: i hate everything that involves moving just for the purpose of burning calories. 

I found Kayla Itsine's BBG guide and gave it a try. I thought 28 minutes of Hiit and a bit LISS every week can't be that hard. Stupid me.

I tried to complete the 12 weeks a few times but I've never made it past week 4. 


First time ever doing splits
First time ever doing splits


So when I found yoga I was actually looking for a way to do LISS without having to leave the house. Someone suggested yoga but the videos I found on youtube were boring and not challenging at all. Just as I imagined yoga to be. So I searched Instagram for a bit and came across Jessica Olie's page. I remember spending quite some time scrolling through her pictures, reading her captions. I was fascinated by the graceful flows and the pretty shapes but most of all by the things her body could do. I've always been amazed by acrobatics and wanted to join a circus when I was little. I read that she started her yoga practice just about 2 years before and I realised I could do the same. I realised it's not to late to learn to do the splits, that it's not to late to learn how to do a headstand and I realised yoga is a lot more than sitting in lotus and breath.

I bought her "lets start yoga" e-book the same day and spend the evening reading through it. And I did my first practice. And I did half a headstand. And I was hooked. 


One legged King Pigeon in Greece
One legged King Pigeon in Greece

This was at the end of January 2016. The following weeks I practiced when I had the time and motivation and was happy to see some progress every now and then. My practice wasn't very consistent but I enjoyed it. I had some longer breaks in between practice and fell of the bandwagon completely last summer. I was kind of dissapointed by myself for loosing track and afraid I'd lost all of my progress. I had this picture in my head of how I should be able to do all the cool poses in front of the beautiful sunset in Greece. But truth was I was lucky I could hold a headstand. It got me a bit unmotivated but after coming home from our holiday I got back on my mat and I joined my first yoga challenge ever. 

It was so much fun getting on my mat everyday, connecting to people all around the world and to see how much progress I made in such a short time. Since than I've been practicing 4-6 times a week with some health related breaks here and there and I never felt happier about moving.

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